We are aware of the importance of properly disposing of computer and electronic waste products, and have therefore implemented a service for picking up and processing used IT devices.

Thus, companies wishing to put their old equipment to good use while complying with the law, wanting to ensure that the data contained in their equipment is destroyed or even wanting to dispose of their IT equipment when it reaches the end of its lifespan can call on our services to meet any of these requirements.

What we offer
  • 5 years’ experience in recycling IT equipment;
  • A commitment to destroy data and observe confidentiality in respect information stored on the computer media we receive, with certificates issued as proof;
  • A response tailored to comply with applicable standards;
  • Turnkey logistics solutions: from removal to final processing.
Why should you place your trust in us?
  • Create an environmentally responsible corporate image by entrusting IRIS with the recycling of your equipment;
  • Full conformity with the law; IRIS issues certificates to attest that the equipment has been destroyed and waste treatment follow-up forms;
  • Improved management of asset retirements;
  • The security of knowing you will be entrusting your waste electrical and electronic equipment to an IT specialist qualified to dispose of it;
  • Waste is managed on an ICPE-class site.