On-site maintenance – Help Desk

We have a team of engineers devoted to maintaining IT infrastructures throughout France 7 days a week, with response times ranging from 4 hours to D+2 depending on requirements. Our Service Level Agreements are guaranteed by alerts and indicators that can be viewed at any time on our online client profile. This profile is also used for reporting incidents.

In the interests of providing an optimum quality of service, our Help Desk is also available. Staffed by experienced operators, it is responsible for providing a rapid and appropriate response to any malfunctions affecting the productivity of teams in the field.

What we offer
  • A team of trained in-house engineers able to intervene anywhere in France
  • 80% of our interventions are on structures open to the public (shops, hospitals, restaurants, cultural sites, communities, etc.)
  • Engineers with impeccable manners and people skills trained to accommodate client requirements, including “greeting the public”
  • Recognised qualifications
    1. 1. Security (H0 B0, ITIL, etc.)
    2. 2. Professional (manufacturers’ certifications: HP, Lenovo, Ingenico, Lexmark, etc.)
  • Constant traceability of events bolsters communication
    1. Incident management tool accessible online
    2. Engineers use 3G tablets to enable real-time connections to be made
    3. Account or ROC coordination to provide access to a dedicated operator, and all statistical data for interventions is recorded
  • A Help Desk available 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, with optional extensions at night, on Sundays and on public holidays
  • Assistance with software, hardware, networks, electronic payment processing, etc.
Why should you place your trust in us?
  • Effective maintenance interventions combined with continuity of service;
  • The resources used on site are often the same from one assignment to the next;
  • Guaranteed friendly and approachable engineers;
  • Experienced support staff;
  • Optimisation of costs associated with “fruitless interventions” or “incorrect diagnostics”;
  • Action is taken within imposed deadlines and SLAs are respected;
  • End users are satisfied.