IT Logistics

Iris has a structured organisation devoted to all issues relating to repackaging, labelling, mastering, inventories and tracking movements within tight deadlines, both in France and abroad.

What we offer
  • A central Hub of 2400 m2 strategically positioned in Europe (50% of the population of Western Europe lives within a radius of 500 km from our hub).
  • Shared and private areas
    1. A zone devoted to storing our clients’ equipment
    2. A zone devoted to each phase in the product’s life cycle (new, maintenance, recycling)
  • Integration benches capable of mastering 64 machines per hour
  • Solid partnerships with national and international hauliers
Vos raisons de nous faire confiance
  • Access to parts the day after the order is placed
  • Excellent response times in emergencies
  • Guarantee that the full range of services will be available throughout the life of the product
  • Benefit from exclusive transport access
  • Strategic positioning for optimum European exposure
  • A guarantee that equipment will be recycled in accordance with applicable standards