Integration, Rollout and IMAC Management
Gestes de proximité

Our expertise means we can plan and steer different rollout projects depending on the requirements of our clients, even where they are complex (early in the morning or work at night).

We can thus provide multi-site accompaniment from competent professional teams for a wide range of operations:

  • Windows 7 migration
  • Virtualisation
  • SSCM migration
  • Network migration
  • Changing equipment stocks
  • Moving equipment stocks
  • Installation
  • Application migration
  • User support
  • Local management
  • Supervising engineer

The technical teams of Iris Informatique take care to ensure that all devices are functional and correctly calibrated after each project, to give users an operational tool from the word go.

What we offer
  • Experience upstream of the project (planning, validation, specifications, procedures, modelling, and training users)
  • A rollout phase adapted to your every need (logistical tools, on-site team, management of the steering phase, KPIs)
  • Equipment to suit every situation: tools and supplies for installing multimedia systems (terminals, screen, etc.)
  • Steering in France and in Europe
Why should you place your trust in us?
  • Accompaniment throughout the project life cycle
  • One single contact person
  • Access to expert skillsets